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Narita city tourist information center

Address : 286-0033 Hanasakicho, Narita city, Chiba Prefecture
Tel : 0476-24-3198
Narita City Tourist Information Centre is located in front of JR Narita Station. With over 40% of the visitors to the centre being foreign tourists, the team at the office is able to provide information on the major local attractions in the area.
Narita tourist pavilion (Narita kanko-kan)

Address : 383-1 Nakacho, Narita city, Chiba Prefecture
Tel : 0476-24-3232
The place to get information about the history of Narita city and the largest Tourist information center using new media.

Naritasan Shinshoji temple

Address : 286-0033 Hanasakicho, Narita city, Chiba Prefecture
Tel : 0476-24-3198
Naritasan Shinshoji temple, known as "Ofudo-sama (Fudo-myoo, the God of fire) of Narita" is loved and worshipped.
Boso-no-Mura (Experience museum)

Address : 1028 Ryukakuji, Sakae-machi, Inba-gun, Chiba Prefecture
Tel : 0476-95-3333

Narita dream dairy farm

Address : 730 Nagi, Narita city, Chiba Prefecture
Tel : 0476-96-1001
Sakura-no-yama hill

Address : 1338-1 Komaino, Narita city, Chiba Prefecture
Next to Narita Airport, Sakura-no-Yama Hill was opened on a small hill, which is located at the northern side of the airport.

Narita Airport
Hilton Narita
456 Kosuge, Narita, Chiba, Japan 〒286-0127
Tel:+81-476-33-1121 Fax:+81-476-33-0369
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