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Company History
January 2001 Established at Shimbashi, Minato-ku Tokyo
March 2001 Acquisition of Kyoto Royal Hotel
Acquisition of Rihga Royal Hotel Narita
April 2002 Rebranded Rihga Royal Hotel Narita to "Hilton Narita"
July 2003 Acquired land and building of Namba Washington Hotel Plaza
March 2004 Acquisition of Hotel Baden Roppongi
August 2004 Moved headquarters to Toranomon Minato-ku, Tokyo
September 2004 Acquisition of International Garden Hotel Narita
October 2004 Acquisition of Kagoshima Tokyu Hotel
November 2004 Acquisition of Maruko Inn Tokyo
December 2004 Rebranded Hotel Baden Roppongi to "the b roppongi" / Reopened after complete renovations.
Acquisition of Shanpia Hotel Akasaka, Otsu Shanpia Hotel, Shanpia Hotel Hofu
Acquisition of Okinawa Fuji Hotel
Acquired land and building of Kobe Washington Plaza Hotel

March 2005 Acquisition of Hotel Lions Plaza Hotel Nagoya
May 2005 Rebranded Maruko Inn Tokyo to "the b sangenjaya"
Acquisition of Hilton Otaru
June 2005   Rebranded Okinawa Fuji Hotel to "Okinawa Port Hotel"
July 2005 Rebranded Kyoto Royal Hotel to "Kyoto Royal Hotel & Spa"
November 2005 Rebranded Shanpia Akasaka to "the b akasaka" / Reopened after complete renovations
    Acquisition of Hotel Sunroute Akasaka
February 2006   Acquisition of Hachioji Plaza Hotel
Acquisition of Sunmarina Hotel
March 2006   Rebranded Hotel Lions Plaza Hotel Nagoya to "the b nagoya" / Reopened after complete renovations
Reopened Kagoshima Tokyu Hotel after complete renovations
Acquired land and building of Renaissance Resort Okinawa and Coco Garden Resort Okinawa
Acquisition of Narita Airport Washington Hotel
Reopened Okinawa Port Hotel after complete renovations
April 2006   Acquisition of Hotel Sunroute Kanku
July 2006   Opened the b akasaka Spa
Rebranded Kobe Washington Plaza Hotel to "the b kobe" / Reopened after complete renovations
September 2006   Acquisition of former Grand Ocean
February 2007   Acquisition of Hotel Fair City
Acquired the shares of YGIH, the management company of the Yokohama Grand Intercontinental Hotel
July 2007   Opened "Okinawa Nahana Hotel & Spa"
October 2007   Rebranded Hotel Fair City to "Utsunomiya Port Hotel"
Rebranded Narita Airport Washington Hotel to "Narita Port Hotel" / Reopened after complete renovations
November 2007   Acquisition of Hamilton Inn Ochanomizu
December 2007   Acquisition of Hotel Suntoute Ikebukuro
Acquisition of Hotel Serai Fukuoka
July 2008   Rebranded Hotel Serai Fukuoka to "the b hakata" / Reopened after complete renovations
September 2008   Rebranded Hamilton Inn Ochanomizu to "the b ochanomizu" / Reopened after complete renovations
June 2009   Rebranded Sunroute Ikebukuro to "the b ikebukuro" / Reopened after complete renovations

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